Edgewood Church of Joy Guest Services Q & A

 Welcome to Edgewood Church of Joy  Q and A.  Here you will find answers to the most common questions about the church.  If you do not find your question here, or you are looking for a more comprehensive answer, please contact the church through this website or facebook.  Thanks for visiting!

What kind of Church is Edgewood Church of Joy?
Edgewood Church of Joy is an affiliate of Converge Worldwide, formerly the Baptist General Conference. It was started by Swedish Immigrants to America. Converge is not a denomination, but a conference of churches. Each independent church is completely autonomous from a central governing body.
What translation of the Bible does Edgewood Church of Joy Use?
Sermons are preached using a variety of different translations. A "pew Bible" is available for use on Sunday and these are the New International Version. Pastor often preaches from the Old NIV.
How do I become a Christian?
Becoming a Christian is as simple as it is profound. If you are interested in becoming a Christian, please schedule a meeting with the Pastor, he would love to talk with you and show you from the Bible how to be sure you are a Christian. We also have a pamphlet: "How Can I Become a Christian" that is available in the church office or the Welcome center. In its simplest form, becoming a Christian is talking with God, asking Him to forgive your sins and to transform your life. It is so simple even a child can do it, but it takes a lifetime of walking with God to even begin to understand what becoming a Christian or being "Born Again" is really all about.
How do I become a member of Edgewood Church of Joy?
Guests contact the church office to begin the membership process. The only requirement of adult membership is the profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the affirmation that the candidate has at some point been baptized by immersion. The process involves some informational classes, an interview with the leadership and a vote from the congregation. It is a relatively painless process that insures the church is made up of sincere Christians who recognize they are a gift to the church and willing to use their talents and gifts for the Kingdom of God.
How do I become baptized at Edgewood Church of Joy?
Please contact the Lead or Associate pastor for an interview. Candidates for baptism must be able to articulate a growing walk with Christ and understand the Biblical grounds for believers baptism through immersion. Baptized believers 18 years and older are eligible to become a member of Edgewood Church of Joy if they so desire.
How do I get married at Edgewood Church of Joy?
Please take note that ECOJ is a wedding venue only for our Church Family. Those not associated with the Church of Joy will be politely turned down. The following applies to members who are seeking marriage in our sanctuary. COJ requires premarital counseling for all couples being married at the church. This is normally four sessions with the Lead Pastor, but more sessions are available as necessary. Couples take an on-line inventory through Prepare-Enrich and then debrief the instrument with the pastor. The final meeting confirms the logistics of the wedding making this a truly special and personalized event.
How can I become more involved at Edgewood Church of Joy?
There is a place of service for everyone who has a desire to serve. Members and Guests profit from a 201 discipleship class offered quarterly, that examines spiritual giftedness, talents and passion. From this information a number of ministry areas are suggested to the individual to try out and see if they are interested in making a longer term commitment. Everyone who works with children and youth are screened through the Washington Department of State data base and have completed a background check.
How can I speak with a pastor?
Pastors are available for scheduled appointments during normal office hours. Please call the church office or email the church for an appointment.
What kind of staff does Edgewood Church of Joy have?
COJ enjoys the privilege of a Lead pastor and an Associate pastor. There is also the Church Office Manager. Additionally, Joy Christian Preschool employees a Director and teaching staff, however, much of the work of the church is done by our wonderful volunteers.
What involvement in Missions does Edgewood Church of Joy have?
COJ has had a long history of world and local outreach. While it is becoming more dangerous to publicly announce where our missionaries are serving, we do stay in contact with a number of individuals and ministry partners. We are currently engaged in Ethiopia, Kenya, Rio, Argentina, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, India and elsewhere. We also have a sister church relationship in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. Members of the church support a large number of children through various relief agencies as well as schools, orphanages and hospitals. The church gives a baseline of 10% of their proceeds to missions endeavors. COJ is a house of prayer for all 195 nations of the world.
Do you have Bibles available?
Bibles are available at each service in the chair racks and free gift Bibles are available for anyone who requests one.
Why did you change your name?
The church began meeting in the 50's near Jovita Ave. We were originally organized as Jovita Chapel. Later we incorporated as Jovita Baptist Church which primarily described our location. After we moved to our new facility we kept the name because of our history and the definition. Jovita literally means, "Full of Joy- Full of Life" We believed Jovita is an accurate description of the church family but it is a bit confusing and does not tell people where we are located. The church membership officially decided to change the name of the church to Edgewood Church of Joy to better reflect Where we are, What we are and Who we are!
What programs do you offer for children?
The church provides loving and professional childcare at all services. Our children bible studies and chapel have been suspended for now due to the pandemic. Look for changes soon.
What programs do you offer for Youth?
Junior and Senior High youth are invited to attend regular service at 10:00am Sunday. Our other programs have been suspended for the pandemic.
What programs do you offer for Adults?
Adults enjoy a variety of discipleship and service opportunities at Edgewood Church of Joy. Sunday morning Bible studies, home groups, men and women's Bible studies and prayer groups are all supported. COJ has an active senior ministry as well. A list of the current program offerings can be found at the Welcome Center.
How can I get more information about the Joy Christian Preschool?
Informational brochures and application forms are all available at the church office.
What is Wednesday Family Night?
Although suspended for now, Wednesday evenings at Edgewood Church of Joy are for the whole family. We serve a family meal at 6:00 on a donation basis. Ministry team volunteers provide the meal each week. Classes are available at 6:30 for Men, Women, Adults, Youth and Children's Awana. We plan to return to an active Family Night soon.
What Christian organizations does Edgewood Church of Joy support?
COJ as a church body supports and partners with a number of Christian organizations. A list of these partners can be found on the website listed under "Ministry Partners" along with their contact information.
What Adult Sunday School classes does Edgewood Church of Joy offer?
As class offerings change regularly, please refer to the printed bulletin for a current list of Sunday School Blbie Classes
Is Edgewood Church of Joy handicapped accessible?
Yes, all of our rooms are on the ground floor and three special needs restrooms are available.
What is the Deacon or Benevolence offering?
A tradition at COJ is to collect an offering on one Sunday of the month to go to help people in need in the congregation and the community. We also work with an outside agency to disburse funds to the needy.
How do I get to the children's area?
The Children's wing is located on the North side of the campus and is accessible through the church office lobby by following the signs.
What do the children do during the Worship service?
Elementary children sit with their parents during the first part of the worship service and then are invited to attend "Children's Chapel" for the remainder of the service.
How often do you observe communion and can anyone participate?
We normally observe communion on the first Sunday of the month. We practice open communion. Anyone who is a Christian may participate regardless of their church home or denomination.
Does Edgewood Church of Joy sing hymns or praise songs during the worship service?
At COJ our desire is to create a blended service where people of all ages can worship the LORD in their own heart's language. We use a blending of traditional and contemporary songs as well as special music that runs the spectrum from classical to country.
Does Edgewood Church of Joy require people to give a tithe?
No. Tithing is an old testament concept. We believe and teach that 100% of a Christ follower's money is the Lords. A tithe of 10% is the baseline for giving not the goal. We do not hold individuals accountable for their offering as this is an issue between the individual and God. Our financial secretary does keep confidential, accurate records and provides year end receipts for tax purposes.
Does Edgewood Church of Joy have a lost and found?
Yes, please contact the church office if you have misplaced an item.
Do you have assistance for the hearing impaired?
Yes, we have installed both the personal listening amplifier for those without hearing aids, and for those persons with a T coil in their hearing aids, we have a Telex system. We have found the magnetic loop system very helpful.
How should a person dress for services at Edgewood Church of Joy?
COJ is a relaxed, casual group of people. Some people wear business suits and ties and other people wear shorts and sandals. Dress is always a personal decision and preference. There is no "dress code" at the church.